Why It’s Important for Startups to Utilize Custom Made Designs

All startups need custom-made design—specifically in branding—because of two main reasons.

1. Compelling branding helps you stand out from a crowded market.
2. A strong brand is the result of clarity in the company purpose, values, and goals.

Design is an expression of your brand. So to have cookie-cutter designs is to say to your audience, “I’m just like that other company you met with.”

Illustration is one out of many ingredients you can use in your visual recipe. Does every startup need it? No. Especially if all your competitors are using illustration. But if it makes sense for your brand, then a custom route will give you the freedom to fully express the unique promise that is your startup. If your business has limited funds, it’s understandable that you have to make resourceful decisions. In that case, I would ask if illustration is the right ingredient to use, or would another visual ingredient be a better, more viable substitute?