Why Does Design Thinking Matter for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs and startup founders always have to find their unique proposition in the market field, or some may instead call it - the reason for its existence. A business lives because they can solve a problem, or they have something that people need and are willing to pay.

Yet how might we actually spot those opportunities and create tangible outcomes?

I believe understanding users and solving their real pain points would be the foundation of it. Design Thinking provides a flow and mindset to encourage empathy towards users, drive the team to understand the root cause of the issue, as well as quickly prototyping ideas. Through testing out the concept with real customers, the team could reflect and iterate the products. They would go back and forth, again and again. Then eventually build something not just beautiful, but human-centric at the same time. These would later become the products that would win the heart of the people, as well as the market.