Two Essential and Unusual Tips for Naming Your Startup


The pronunciation of a brand name plays a critical factor in its popularity, successful brand names like “Google” or “McDonalds” are easier to pronounce than others, one of the reasons is the number of syllables. According to the research by Dr. JongMi Kim, a brand name composed of two syllables or three syllables is much preferred to the names consisting of a single or too many syllables — Goo-gle (2), Mc-Don-alds (3), Wrong Pro-ject (3).

Universal meaning

Choosing a brand identity (and a name) could be a tough task for any brand, especially when a brand is going global. Creating a universal brand identity is a crucial part of maintaining a uniform brand message in different countries.  Naming wise, in different languages, the same brand name could be translated differently, for example, Wix the website building company, found themselves in an awkward situation when they understood that Wixen in German means... Wanking.