The Future of Conferences and Events in the Age of VR and AR

There's one major myth that people tend to think about VR and AR that I would love to debunk here and it's that these technologies are going to escape their realities with technology. We can say people escape their realities by meditating, going out to a concert or enjoying a holiday on a secluded beach. Yet one thing stays the same, our experiences are all human experiences that come with a vast amount of emotions. With the addition of VR & AR technologies we are giving people an unlimited amount of possibilities in connecting people, places and ideas. This is how I see the future of events and conferences.

You may have already seen during the first part of 2020 has given artists and event companies the ability to connect to millions with VR concerts and hologram AR experiences where fans can enjoy from the comfort of their home. There are already companies working on Holographic VR meetings that allow you to see facial responses and pick up on non-verbal cues and very soon we'll be able to attend conferences in such a manner. From a business standpoint, the benefits in cost saving on travel, insurance and increasing productivity.

What I see in the future is a convergence of multiple industries to make these solutions viable.

It takes people from all walks of life who are ready to push the limit and do things that have never been done before instead of waiting for someone else to do it. If you have the vision for something, reach out and connect with the technologist who have the know-how. We are all just dying to have you along on this ride to paving the way of our future.