The Default Way of Working in Teams Is Broken. Here’s How to Fix It

The way teams work together is fundamentally broken. No matter the team or company size, the horrors of teamwork stay the same: unstructured meetings that produce no outcome, lengthy decision-making processes, politics-driven teams, and very little meaningful work actually getting done. 

The core problem isn’t the people or companies. The problem is that there are no processes and rules in place for effective collaboration. 

Working together efficiently is an inherently challenging thing for people to do. Working-style differences and politics that always creep into any group setting are just parts of the overall problem. The underlying issue is that conventional collaboration scenarios don’t address that! 

Without a set of tools and processes in place, every meeting inevitably goes off-topic and devolves into endless discussions. The introverts and juniors in the room don’t feel comfortable speaking up, even if they think they might have the right solution. One person is doing all the talking. Everyone understands the job to be done differently. No tangible outcomes are produced, and yet another meeting is scheduled. Meetings like this are deadly to productive work, not only because they are excruciatingly dull to be in, but because they don’t do their main job. That is, providing alignment and clear next steps for a project. 

What’s the antidote to that? 

Running a workshop. 

Workshops fundamentally change the way collaborative work is done. They take out the unstructured discussion and replace it with streamlined processes that help teams do their best work. Groupthink and talking over each other in circles are replaced by structured discussion and uninterrupted ideation. 

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