On Priorities and Sandwiches

In the winter of 2017/18 I went on a student exchange program in TUM, Munich. Back in my faculty of computer science at the Technion (Israel) this wasn't a very popular thing to do, I was the only one from my faculty to go to TUM that semester.  

It was the first time I was going to a new country alone for an extended period of time, and even though I did not admit it, I was scared to my bones. For an entire month, my apartment was empty but a bed and some toiletry. I fed off of cheese and ham sandwiches I bought at subway stations and could not care less about the lack of objects in my living space. What happened is that I unconsciously put all efforts on going to every available day trip and activity offered by the international office at TUM, and socializing with every other student I could.

I did this because I had a hunch that the single most important thing when going through a big change, is to find where you feel that you belong - by having strong human connections close by.

After some time of doing this I met the group of 6 who would later turn to friends for life. My apartment was soon filled with beloved objects, not a minute sooner than intended, and I'd have a little smile of nostalgia every time I walked by the sandwich stall at the station, reminiscing the struggles of trying to fit in a new reality.