Nikita Singareddy on What Is It Like to Be a Serial Experimenter

I'm writing this with DJ Shadow's Organ Donor jazzing in the background. In some ways it's fitting; DJ Shadow was the first artist to produce an entire album (Entroducing....) with just samples, fusing soul, hip-hop, electronica, classical music, and sound bites in unprecedented ways. Sound collage/plunderphonics is a common practice with music producers and artists today. It only takes one to set off a chain reaction. Maybe serial experimenter is a bit on the nose but I think it encapsulates just trying shit and seeing what bursts forth. Few things are actually fixed; mediums and canvasses are a lot more permissive than we might think. Sean Baker's indie film Tangerine was the first shot on an iPhone 5. Twitter released a new voice feature after some people, including me, repurposed Memojis as vocal tweets. There are others that live the experimenter principle better than me - from Buckminster Fuller to MSCHF, Max Bittker's and Dani Grant's science detective agency.

Some of the best art, products, movements come from people demanding and testing new methods. Serial experimenting is a muscle to exercise or we risk being lulled into accepting what's given. I don't think inventors and creators get things "right" the first time... it's fundamentally human to keep challenging, experimenting, pushing.