Indiana Jones — My Writing Inspiration

I must have been 4 or 5 the first time I watched Indiana Jones. I got pretty much instantly obsessed with the movies. It was clear to me there and then: I had to become just like Indy when I grew up. It was a quite disheartening journey from there on. Realising that archeology wasn’t even remotely as cool as I thought. Realising my parents didn’t really support that type of career choice nor, really, did I. I was never quite fond of dirt and suffer from terrible claustrophobia.

But as I finished high school and drifted into uni, eventually finding myself in the career of a successful writer, I suddenly see the parallels.

After all, what makes Indiana Jones so badass is his willingness to take risks, to do his research and dive deeply into a topic before taking a leap of faith. Just like any good writer does before producing anything of value — be it UX copy, an ad, article or a poem. Having a tough-luck archeologist turned professor as my main career inspiration definitely didn’t help me guess the career I would end up in but it’s clear how his behaviour contributed to it. After all, I love a good bit of research, I famously take great risks and always end up finding (or creating) the desired prize in the end.