How to Use Social Media to Position Yourself as an Expert

Social media is a digital reality estate, it is a reflection of what happens offline. So the first step of course is to take necessary steps to be an expert in the field and be your authentic self. Identify what you want to be known for and then out teach the hell out of it to your smallest viable audience. Think about it like this - you can’t use a worm as bait to catch a shark.

You need to study the shark and know what works for them. In this scenario, your audience is your shark. Have conversations with that audience, listen to them and use your platform to answer their questions even before they ask it. They may not know your name but they know their problems. Ensure that when they google their problems, they find you.

Earn your right by providing value consistently to them. Associate with other thought leaders within and outside your field who align with your goals and values. Don’t just network for the sake of it but commit to building real, solid and quality relationships. The golden rule is - Be consistent. Don’t give up because you missed a day.