How to Stay Committed to Your Goals

I think that the best way to stay committed to your goals is to a) track progress daily and b) share your progress openly. The former helps you stay have a realistic sense of your progress, while the latter helps you to stay accountable.

I think that tracking your goals in frequent, quantitative way instead of vaguely aiming for large milestones is important, as that’s a better reflection of how we truly make progress: baby steps that compound. Also, we are quick to set KPIs in our business or work lives, yet rarely set them and measure them in our personal lives.

Without this tracking, many people have little idea how they’re doing, and more specifically how their daily habits impact their progress.

For example, say that someone wants to learn to code. Instead of tracking their daily progress towards the goal, they often just set a high level goal (perhaps at New Years) that they have the intention to learn. They may spend a few days invested over the course of a few weeks before eventually quitting. If you were to ask them about how much time they invested in the process and more importantly, what was working or not working, they typically have little idea.

My Google sheet not only acts as a tracker, but also a feedback system so that I understand my habits. It also feeds directly into my Open page, which I share publicly for additional accountability.