How to Fake a Distinctive Workspace in a Studio Apartment

Make your bed

Making your bed or, if you have a wall bed, putting it away is an easy way to kick off your day with an accomplishment. Sure, you can answer emails in bed, but our brains associate places with tasks—so do you really want to train your brain to think about email when it’s time to sleep?

Keep supplies together in a “workbox”

My mouse, headphones, etc. are stored together in a box. When it’s time to work, I pull it out and get what I need. At the end of the day when it’s time for dinner, I clear off the “work table” and transform it into the “dining table”. This not only makes it easier to transform the space, but it’s a mental cue that I’m shifting gears.

Set a work schedule

One of the perks of running your own business is to work where and when you want. But when you’re working from home it can be tempting to multitask. I recommend setting working hours and then sticking to it. However, your schedule doesn’t have to be 9  to 5! Maybe you head to the gym during lunch and grocery shop on Thursday mornings.