Don’t Overthink Your First Email Marketing Campaign. Just Send It.

The biggest mistake I see startups make while performing their first email marketing campaign is overthinking the details and waiting too long to send their emails. They delay their campaign weeks or months worrying about messaging and branding.

Your email list needs to hear from you regularly to stay engaged. Don’t make them wait months as you figure out your strategy.

Yes, it’s important to lay the foundation of your email marketing strategy before haphazardly sending emails. But the best way to improve your email marketing is to send emails. You need to see how your audience responds — what subject lines they open, what calls to action they click.

Then, you can optimize and improve. A/B test that first email campaign. Find out what your audience likes and dislikes. Edit your strategy and your emails. Send again.

You will learn so much from that first email campaign. But first, you need to send it.