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Wrong Project is a publication for short, to the point opinion pieces from top creators all over the world. Let’s be honest — the number of articles in our “Read Later” list that we’re never going to get around to reading is getting a little out of hand. All of our writers’ pieces are less than 200 words, so you’ll have time to read them while the information is still relevant. 

Our select community of writers includes a quickly rising musical entrepreneur to a Forbes 30 Under 30 designer, a world renowned social media expert, and experts from leading companies like EY, Spotify, and Google.

Get inspired, not distracted. 
We only publish curated, non-sponsored articles with the facts, figures, and wisdom you need to be wise and well-versed in the topics you care about.

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Wrong Project feeds you up to date insights from the world’s most talented creators, in bites you can digest.

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